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Working at SUBNET

SUBNET has created an organization where our employees support each other in their endeavours while working in a safe and respectful atmosphere.

Our employees have ample opportunity to further their professional skills and relish in the achievement and reward that their hard work and dedication has produced.

Our People

At SUBNET we embrace diversity within our organization. We feel that by valuing the differences between us we establish a platform for creativity and innovation.

As such, our commitment to developing a culture of diversity is an important goal. We have established policies on recruitment, equal employment and discrimination to help attract and retain the best talent - regardless of background, age, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, disability or sexual orientation.


Our Culture


SUBNET leaders

SUBNET is proud to be one of the world leaders in substation data communication, and as such we have a responsibility to set high standards in the way we conduct our business and to act with integrity at all times.

Taking Responsibility – If you join SUBNET you will soon realize that our high standards are included in all aspect of our work. Each member of our team plays an important role in satisfying our strategic and business objectives.

Performance – We are committed to performing to the best of our abilities and to continuously set ourselves new standards of excellence to which we aspire and ultimately achieve.

Stakeholders – We believe our long-term business interests are dependent on strong, open and honest relationships with all of our stakeholders. We will do all we can to deliver superior products and services to our clients allowing them to focus on reliably and safely delivering power to their customers.

Diversity & Equality

Employment diversity at SUBNET

We aim to create a truly inclusive culture that values diversity and promotes the exchange of new ideas and information throughout our organization.

A commitment to diversity and equality is firmly established at all levels of our company. We believe that by engaging our workforce and supporting in this area, we can create a culture where talent thrives and discrimination is not accepted.

Work/life balance
We believe our employees have a right to enjoy a healthy and product work/life balance at all stages of their career. By adopting industry leading work practices, SUBNET ensures that work/life balance is a reality, not just an aspiration.

Flexible Working – We have introduced a variety of ways to give people a choice in work style. We offer flexible working hours, which allow employees to set the start and end time of their working day. Depending on your location, telecommuting and teleconferencing may take the place of travel.

We have developed a complex IT infrastructure to facilitate flexible working where appropriate. Many staff members have mobile phones and laptop computers that can seamlessly access SUBNET servers. Some positions are eligible to work directly from home with all of SUBNET’s resources being available remotely.

Time for Living – SUBNET does not encourage a long-hours culture, which we believe is damaging to the well-being of our organization as a whole. Of course, given the demanding nature of our business, there are times when you may be required to work extra or unsocial hours. You will find that SUBNET takes full account of such efforts and makes sure you benefit from other compensatory measures as a result.

You will also find that SUBNET has established a wellness benefit that gives employees a chance to keep fit as well as have the opportunity to participate in a number of teams in a friendly and competitive basis.

Family Friendly – As an employer, we understand the immense importance and value of family in the lives of our employees. We also appreciate that many people need to balance their professional lives with the needs and responsibilities associated with a partner and family.

Along with flexible work arrangements, we have family friendly policies that help our employees get the most from this important part of their lives without compromising their professional development and career aspirations.
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