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SUBNET Partner Program

As a SUBNET Partner, your company will be partnering with the industry leader in substation intelligence.

As a SUBNET Partner, your company will be partnering with the industry leader in substation intelligence. SUBNET currently works with two main types of partners to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

OEM Product Partner

For Companies that resell or integrate SUBNET products into their products and solutions. Bring industry leading Smart Grid interoperability products to market quickly and easily by embedding SUBNET Substation Intelligence software onto your substation computing hardware.

Integration Solution Partners

For Companies such as engineering companies and solution providers who wish to specialize in implement solutions using SUBNET product offering. These companies include ones that focus on substation integration or automation, or work with utility business intelligence systems at the enterprise layer on real-time data solutions and NERC security.

SUBNET Partners get the support and resources needed for success

Extend your market reach by leveraging the SUBNET Partner Program assets to build revenue, sales momentum and market differentiation:

  • Associate the SUBNET brand with your company
  • Gain a competitive edge by leveraging SUBNET technologies and products
  • Reach more customers through program marketing resources

Reduce your operating costs using valuable software, training and support resources such as:
  • Not-for-distribution software licenses
  • Training courses designed for SUBNET partners
  • Pre and post-sales technical support

Request more information about SUBNET's Partner Programs

Deliver innovative solutions that help you and your customers realize their full business potential with:

  • SUBNET account engagement
  • Visibility to SUBNET’s product and technology roadmaps

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