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More Utilities are Avoiding Substation Hardware Replacement

SUBNET Solutions Inc. | July 10, 2012

More utilities are enrolling in SUBNET's Continuous Current Evolution (CCE) Program, which is helping to optimize investments in SUBNET technology.

SUBNET Solutions Inc. (SUBNET), a leading smart grid solutions provider, has announced that utilities are increasingly using SUBNET's Continuous Current Evolution (CCE) Program. As more companies begin to install substation automation onto existing electrical infrastructure, many are finding that the smart grid is not one simple switch and installation, but an evolution of technologies that all together promise huge results.

Through the program, SUBNET works with utilities to help them maintain a safe, reliable and secure power grid. However, CCE does not function as just a maintenance program, but rather, addresses the evolving nature of the smart grid, helping utilities navigate through the constantly changing substation landscape.

CCE provides utilities with notifications and patches for Operating System vulnerabilities shortly after they are discovered. The program also ensures that all software is up-to-date, enabling utilities to comply with changes in industry and cyber-security requirements including NERC CIP.

Utilities that have already taken part in the program have found that it is not necessary to upgrade their substation hardware, provided their software is current and utilizes the latest technology. For example, many hardware vendors require utilities to replace both their hardware and their software when a new product is released. This, however, is a costly and time-consuming project. Utilities who take part in SUBNET's CCE program can keep their software up-to-date, negating the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

"There are many substation hardware vendors that require utilities replace two-year-old hardware with the latest hardware to take advantage of new features," said Brian Neufeld, vice president of Marketing at SUBNET. "This approach is very expensive for utilities. At SUBNET we’re showing utilities how to leverage their existing hardware to avoid or defer replacement. Many utilities understand that by using SUBNET software and keeping it current, they can regularly get the latest smart grid tools and features without hardware replacement. This is helping to create a secure and reliable substation."

Utilities who adopt SUBNET technology do not view it as a short-term investment, but rather, as a product they intend to use for an extended period, making involvement in the CCE program even more popular. When the time does come for a utility to replace its hardware, SUBNET technologies are not thrown out along with it. Instead, SUBNET software can be relocated to new hardware, lowering the need to reconfigure, learn and commission new programs.

SUBNET's CCE program gives SUBNET technology a portability that allows substations to evolve alongside quickly changing hardware and operating systems. This keeps utilities from having to regularly replace their hardware in substations, saving huge amounts of time and costs. The program results in greater value from initial SUBNET investments, deferred replacement costs and the elimination of hardware obsolescence.

The program is already in use by leading utilities in the energy industry across North America, including large Fortune 500 utilities, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses. Several kinds of utilities have benefited from the program, including investor-owned utilities, coops and government-owned utilities.

You can learn more about the SUBNET CCE program at


SUBNET provides smart grid technology and solutions for the electrical transmission & distribution industry. Founded in 1992, SUBNET is a vendor agnostic company with domain expertise in substation automation and IT networking. SUBNET’s technology connects any substation device over any communication network to any business intelligence system. Nine of the top 10 US utilities trust and rely on SUBNET technology to safely manage and monitor thousands of substations. SUBNET leverages close relationships and partnerships with technology leaders including Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, McAfee/Nitro Security and others to deliver innovative secure solutions. Learn more about how SUBNET is Making Power Grids More Intelligent® by visiting

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