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SUBNET Provides Substation Automation for Industry Project

SUBNET Solutions Inc. | June 6, 2012

SUBNET Solutions Inc. has provided its substation automation solutions for use in an electric utilities industry project, which is funded by the leading North American utilities to help create a more intelligent and secure grid.

SUBNET Solutions Inc. (SUBNET), a provider of innovative interoperability solutions that make utilities' substations more intelligent, was recently invited to take part in the Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI's) Secure Remote Access project. SUBNET is participating because of the secure remote substation access solutions it has developed.

"We’re excited to be part of this project because we’re able to build our solutions based on direct feedback from many North American utilities," said Travis Jaffray, Technical Product Manager for SUBNET. "SUBNET’s success is partly due to our ability to understand industry problems by listening to utilities and then create solutions to address problems. The EPRI Secure Remote Access project provides us with the unique opportunity to take feedback from over 20 major North American utilities and evolve our products."

In the lab, SUBNET works with 22 of the top utilities in North America on secure remote substation access. In its research, EPRI takes into consideration NERC CIP requirements in addition to a utility's agenda, and works with vendors, including SUBNET, to provide feedback to develop solutions that meet the needs of today's power grid. The lab sprawls across three locations in North Carolina, Massachusetts and Tennessee, each of which put to work and test multi-vendor devices.

With such diverse intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) being used, SUBNET has set itself apart from others with its ability to support multi-vendor devices. SUBNET SubSTATION Server™ was installed in each of the three locations, allowing EPRI to collect data from various substation devices that use different protocols, such as 61850, DNP and Modbus. The labs also benefit from the system by collecting fault files and using SUBNET software to transfer event files to be stored in a central area, and to collect Synchrophasor data for SEL devices using the SEL proprietary protocol.

SUBNET PowerSYSTEM Center™ was installed in the lab's Tennessee facility, providing researchers with remote engineering access to substation devices installed in North Carolina and Massachusetts. The system was also used to process fault files, demonstrating SUBNET's unique ability to work with EPRI as well as major utilities to develop the solutions to some of the industry's most pressing issues.


SUBNET provides smart grid technology and solutions for the electrical transmission & distribution industry. Founded in 1992, SUBNET is a vendor agnostic company with domain expertise in substation automation and IT networking. SUBNET’s technology connects any substation device over any communication network to any business intelligence system. Nine of the top 10 US utilities trust and rely on SUBNET technology to safely manage and monitor thousands of substations. SUBNET leverages close relationships and partnerships with technology leaders including Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, McAfee/Nitro Security and others to deliver innovative secure solutions. Learn more about how SUBNET is Making Power Grids More Intelligent® by visiting

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