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SUBNET Substation Gateway Passes DNP3 Level 2 Conformance Testing

SUBNET Solutions Inc. | June 14, 2012

The SUBNET SubSTATION Server data gateway and protocol convertor software application recently passed DNP3 Level 2 Conformance Testing, which is conducted to improve interoperability among intelligent electronic devices.

SUBNET Solutions Inc. (SUBNET), a leading provider of interoperability solutions that introduce intelligence to substations, has passed the DNP3 Level 2 Conformance Testing, indicating the SUBNET SubSTATION Server complies with key DNP3 protocol requirements. SUBNET SubSTATION Server is a data gateway and protocol convertor designed with a vendor-agnostic approach, allowing it to be used with many disparate devices.

The software, which was developed for engineers and relay technicians looking to easily manage substation devices from a variety of vendors, is used by several utilities to report information to regulatory bodies, such as NYISO, ISONE, CAISO, MISO and PJM. By passing the tests, utilities using SUBNET SubSTATION Server can now provide evidence to these regional transmission organizations that their system complies with DNP3.

"The effort we put forth to ensure SUBNET products conform to DNP3 standards demonstrates our continued commitment to our customers," comments Walid Ali, software development manager for SUBNET. "We embrace open standards that promote interoperability among multi-vendor devices. It’s SUBNET’s vendor agnostic approach that enables us to work with many of the top utilities in North America."

After receiving DNP Conformance testing, which can be performed by either an independent testing facility or by the device manufacturer, SUBNET has now set itself apart from other substation gateway products that fail to conform to DNP standards. Utilities that respond to regulatory bodies and must prove conformance cannot use untested products, making the software an even more attractive option for utilities.

With SUBNET SubSTATION Server, utilities can eliminate multiple polling tiers and RTUs replacing them with a single data gateway and protocol converter that is able to interface with multi-vendor devices. SUBNET SubSTATION Server enables utilities to leverage existing substation devices, including legacy devices, by using SUBNET’s built in logic functions, event file transfer and security features making unsophisticated devices “smart”. Utilities can get more life out of their existing substation devices and defer replacement costs.

After passing DNP3 Level 2 Conformance Testing, SUBNET SubSTATION Server, which is already used by 9 of the top 10 utilities listed by Fortune Magazine, can provide utilities with even more benefits that will ultimately improve overall operating efficiency.


SUBNET provides smart grid technology and solutions for the electrical transmission & distribution industry. Founded in 1992, SUBNET is a vendor agnostic company with domain expertise in substation automation and IT networking. SUBNET’s technology connects any substation device over any communication network to any business intelligence system. Nine of the top 10 US utilities trust and rely on SUBNET technology to safely manage and monitor thousands of substations. SUBNET leverages close relationships and partnerships with technology leaders including Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, McAfee/Nitro Security and others to deliver innovative secure solutions. Learn more about how SUBNET is Making Power Grids More Intelligent® by visiting

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