Understanding the Support for Your Windows XP Substation Device 

Windows Saves SUBNET Customers from Heart Bleed
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SUBNET Customers Safe From Heart Bleed and how to continue protecting your substation assets going forward.

SUBNET Customers Rest Easy

SUBNET Solutions Inc software was NOT impacted by the Heart Bleed vulnerability in any way, primarily due to our use of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The fact that almost every other substation server vendor was affected has the utility community reexamining their choice of operating system and open source software.

This is good news for SUBNET customers, but the bigger issue this should have you thinking about is your security patch management programs and processes in general.

What About Next Time?
Future Proofing Your Substation Software

Despite the fact that only Linux based substation servers were affected this time we don't think the choice of operating system is nearly as important as the choice of patch management programs and processes.

The simple fact that security professionals have known for years is that both Linux and Windows face new security vulnerabilities every month. Neither one is immune from needing periodic updates. The big question is not what operating system you use, but how well your vendors monitor, notify and work with you to keep your servers secure.

Download the full report to learn more about how SUBNET is continuing to protect its CCE customers with advanced patch management.

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