Unleash the Power of Your SEL Hardware: 10 Secrets Revealed

Unleash the Power of Your SEL Hardware: 10 Secrets Revealed
Original Presentation: April 25, 2012

Get more from your SEL hardware without replacing it...

Is it true that electric utilities must replace substation hardware in order to create a smart grid? The answer is simple… “No”. Watch this free 30 minute online presentation and learn how to use existing SEL hardware to create a technologically advance substation.

By the end of the webcast presentation, participants will have learned how to:

  • Concurrently poll many different substation devices
  • View all your substation device data in one place
  • Use your existing SEL hardware to interface with devices from different vendors
  • Go about effectively troubleshooting device data communication issues
  • Leverage the latest technology using your existing SEL hardware
  • Get more value out of your 10 year SEL warranty
  • Reduce the challenges of replacing substation hardware
  • Make complying with the evolution of NERC CIP less painful
  • Make old relays “smart” like new relays without replacing them
  • Simplify your substation architecture leveraging your existing SEL hardware
  • Access event files to resolve faults and disturbances more quickly using your SEL hardware

This webinar is designed for:

  • Substation Technicians
  • Relay Technicians / Protection Engineers
  • Communication Technicians & Engineers
  • Anyone who commissions new substation hardware and devices
  • Anyone who interacts with SEL devices
  • Substation hardware procurement personnel
  • All users of SEL hardware including SEL-1101, SEL-3301, SEL-3332, SEL-3351, SEL-1102, SEL-3354
View the recorded webinar presentation

Length: 30 minutes
Language: English
Cost: Free

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Ryan Plester, SUBNET Solutions Inc.

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