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2,000-mile long transmission line to connect Wyoming to California

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Monday, June 06, 2011

Wyoming residents are opposed to a proposed rate hike on their monthly electricity bills that would be used to finance the construction a massive transmission line, according to a published report.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports that Rocky Mountain Power (RMP), which is based in the state but owned by Orgeon-based PacifiCorp, has proposed lobbing an $80 million rate hike on its customers in the state. In total, the proposed rate hike translates into about an additional $12 to each customer's monthly electric bill.

Still, RMP spokesman Dave Eskelsen said that the transmission line it is hoping to build through the state would benefit customers in the state, as well as those as far away as California.

"Additions to the transmission systems benefit all customers," Eskelsen said in a statement.

RMP hopes to build a transmission line that will give a large boost to Western transmission capacity, according to the Public News Service. Dubbed "the Energy Gateway," it is under construction by PacifiCorp and is intended to connect Wyoming-produced electricity to other parts of the country, said PacifiCorp's John Cupparo.

"The barrier to accessing those resources for customers and producers alike has been transmission constraints in Wyoming and other states," Cupparo affirmed.

In total, it will add 2,000 miles of extra-high-voltage transmission lines to the utility's portfolio, according to the Star-Tribune.

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