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Companies discussing grid modernization benefits with House Public Utilities Committee

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recently, officials from electric service provider ComEd, as well as other business owners based in Illinois, appeared before the House Public Utilities Committee to discuss the benefits associated with grid modernization.

The discussions are a result of the hesitation taking place in regards to the new Illinois Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act, which would provide $2.6 billion worth of infrastructure investments during the next 10 years. This hearing was the second such event regarding the benefits of passing the Act. ComEd president Anne Pramaggiore was one of the representatives in attendance.

"House Bill 14 [otherwise known as the Illinois Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act] is a roadmap for economic growth for our state," said Pramaggiore. "It is good public policy in light of Illinois' economic challenges; not in spite of Illinois' economic challenges. It's an investment tool to help get Illinois moving again - not a program to be put aside until Illinois gets moving again."

Among the benefits Pramaggiore listed were immediate economic boosts, improved reliability, customer service and smarter energy management tools, better utilities and long-term economic competitiveness for the state. Other Illinois-based business owners agreed with Pramaggiore's testimony, stating the new Act would be the "shot in the arm" businesses need.

Smart grid technologies have seen increased adoption as more sectors realize the benefits of the new system, which include better usage monitoring and subsequent lower costs.

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