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Cybersecurity threats a growing problem

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Following the attack on The New York Times website, the need for strong cybersecurity across various sectors is becoming more apparent.

Earlier this month, the Syrian Electronic Army reportedly hacked The New York Times website. One of the most alarming aspects of the attack is how high profile the breach was, as so many people frequent the site to get their news, and reveals that such services on which so many are dependent can be brought down.

This news comes as the security of the country's electric grid becomes more vulnerable to such attacks as well. A story by the Environmental Defense Fund explains that the Department of Homeland Security investigated over 200 cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure over the first half of the year, coming from a multitude of different sources. It explains that these attacks can come from various government bodies such as China, Russian government as well as Al-Qaeda, while at the time from independently operated groups like organized crime and individual hackers, like ex-utility employees.

Because so many people are dependent on the grid for their electricity, it is of the utmost importance that utilities companies take the necessary precautions to protect their grid from these attacks. One way is which they can do so is by complying with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation's requirements for critical infrastructure protection. SUBNET's knowledge of these stringent standards allows them to help company's develop cybersecurity solutions while using their existing assets.

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The Complexities of Substation Cyber Security

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