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ESNA remains committed to interoperability and open standards

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, October 05, 2012

The Energy Services Network Association (ESNA), which comprises utilities, developers and integrators that advocate smart grid open standards, announced on October 4 two new initiatives that will further drive interoperability and adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP).

The standard will apply to both smart meters and smart grid devices, and will encompass a group of specifications first published by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI). The standard, OSGP, ETSI GS OSG 001, has not been in the market for long, but has already been widely adopted by utilities that have installed extensive networks of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), with more than 3.5 million OSGP-based IEDs in the field today.

"OSGP is a very efficient data representation and interchange protocol that delivers high effective throughput on narrowband Power Line Communications (PLC) and other links," ESNA wrote in a release. "ESNA has partnered with Gurux, a leader in device communications protocols for the smart grid, to provide utilities the ability to access OSGP-based smart meters using the widely used DLMS/COSEM application data model using IEC 62056 parts 47, 53, 61, and 62."

SGP DLMS/COSEM interoperability gives utilities the opportunity to select from a data model for IEDs that will lower the overall cost of integrating the devices with existing IT networks. Once installed, however, these devices help improve efficiency, reliability and scalability of OSGP at the device networking level.

ESNA recently signed memorandum of understanding that it says will help expedite and promote OSGP as an open standard for smart grid functions. The MOA was made with DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, and will give OSGP the opportunity to test its conformance and interoperability.

"Working together, ESNA and DNV KEMA provide a trusted source of verification for utilities that vendors' products interoperate and conform to the OSGP specifications," ESNA added in its release. "The establishment of this cooperation provides vendors third-party validation of their OSGP implementations that can complement their internal test efforts."

Time and again, interoperability has been rated one of the top issues utilities will encounter in their efforts to build a smarter grid. SUBNET's primary focus is ensuring all software and hardware used in the collection and analysis of data can be integrated to streamline operations. SUBNET provides innovative interoperability solutions that combine the most advanced substation technologies with current network and IT systems. 

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