Smart Grid News

Smart Grid News

Global Smart Grid Federation seeking better policies for national smart grid

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Thursday, April 14, 2011

Officials from the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF), an organization that promotes the best practices and incentives for deploying smart grid technologies from source to substation to the end-user, recently reiterated its aim to create stronger policies in order to spur new investment.

The international organization is promoting collaboration between the private sector and global governments and will continue to do so at the upcoming Clean Energy Ministerial meeting taking place in Abu Dhabi. The group believes that further collaboration can lead to increased smart grid investments worldwide.

"Although the smart grid has a technical focus, we must make private sector involvement a priority," said Guido Bartels, general manager of the energy and utilities industry at IBM, and chairman of the GSGF. "Regulators and consumer organizations have to get involved from the outset in demonstration and especially in deployment to make sure they understand and benefit from smart grids. We must become adept at reviewing and adjusting our policy and market models as technologies evolve and provide new options and opportunities for business and consumers."

Recently, the GSGF helped contribute in the establishment of the International Energy Agency's (IEA) technology roadmap for smart grids. The roadmap is a document containing worldwide expert consultation regarding the adoption and implementation of smart grid technologies around the globe, as well as the values and regulations associated with the process.

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