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Smart Grid News

Greentech Media highlights top smart grid deployments in North America

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, March 30, 2012

As utilities prepare for the upcoming Networked Grid conference, nominations have been sent in for the top utility smart grid deployments around the country, Greentech Media reports.

According to the news source, the smart grid saw unparalleled growth and spending for projects and deployments all over North America. The jump in activity was spurred by federal stimulus funding, stricter renewable and energy efficiency standards in the U.S. and aggressive provincial policies in Canada.

In states that have passed landmark smart grid legislation, smart meter installations grew more than 25 percent, with many utilities reporting projects are near full-deployment. Utilities have also invested more in automated and self-healing transmission and distribution infrastructure in order to address the need for integration of decentralized and renewable electricity sources.

Based on the most innovative deployment projects, Greentech Media has recognized 10 utilities as "The Networked Grid - Top Ten Utility Smart Grid Deployments in North America."

Many of the utilities given the Top 10 title use products developed by SUBNET. Utilities include Austin Energy, Con Edison, Duke Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric and others.

Arizona Public Service Corp. (APS), another user of SUBNET technologies, was featured on the list, and was said to be one of the most reliable utilities in the United States. APS was also honored for its work to implement self-isolating and self-healing smart grid technologies on two of its major distribution lines in Flagstaff.

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), which also uses products from SUBNET, was included on the list, as the utility operates more than 18,500 miles of transmission and distribution lines, with 95 percent of its electrical infrastructure outfitted with SCADA controls. Also, SDG&E is currently in the process of installing synchrophasors on all of its largest substations. The company has already deployed 1.8 million smart meters in its service area.

Yet another SUBNET user, Southern California Edison (SCE), made it on the list for its work handling the highest peak load of any California utility. By using smart grid technologies such as automated load control, the utility plans to grow its demand response program by 1,900 megawatts in the next few years.

As smart grid deployments increase, SUBNET is well positioned to offer expertise on substation automation and NERC CIP compliance, ensuring utilities experience a low-cost and efficient integration process. 

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