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Smart Grid News

IEEE Globecom 2011 expands new Industry Forum and Expo agenda

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Wednesday, November 23, 2011

IEEE Globecom 2011, a conference dedicated to improving the world's communications technologies, recently announced new expansions to its agenda for the Industry Forum and Expo, which includes many new presentations on industry-specific technologies. Presentations will focus on smart grid and cybersecurity systems, as well as several communications platforms.

The event will be held December 5-9 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, and is expected to draw a crowd of nearly 2,500 academics, researchers, scientists and government representatives. More than 1,5000 presentations will be given that will explore the development and implementation of the newest broadband, wireless and data technologies.

One of the new presentations will focus on cybersecurity. The discussion, titled "Trust in Reliability and Security of Cyberspace," will explore the existing threats to national security, economic stability and public safety. Cyber criminals and the role of natural disasters will also be reviewed.

Such events are receiving more attention as utilities across America continue to unroll new smart grid projects. In California, Pacific Gas and Electric has sought the approval of the California Public Utilities Commission to deploy six new smart grid projects, which will include the installation of line sensors and grid control systems.

PG&E expects the incremental cost of the programs will be about $109 million between 2013 and 2016, and is seeking the right to reclaim these costs through electric rates.

"Smart Grid is an evolution. We plan to take one step at a time, piloting new technologies to understand their capabilities and limitations before implementing them system-wide," says Kevin Dasso, senior director for smart grid and technology integration for PG&E.

The company stated that if the test programs are successful, integrating them into the entire system would improve service reliability and utility efficiency. The six new projects are a part of the 21 initiatives the utility recently released.

The projects include installing new smart grid sensors that will enhance grid outage detection, isolation and restoration, and will also improve how well the grid is monitored and controlled. Voltage and grid controls will also increase substation management efficiency, while new software will allow PG&E to easily locate faulted circuit conditions caused by damaged equipment.

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