Smart Grid News

Smart Grid News

IEEE newsletter discusses telecom, web technology adaptation

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, May 18, 2012

In the most recent addition of the IEEE newsletter, the monthly report from the world's largest organization of technology-advancing professionals, several industry experts detail the most influential factors dominating the smart grid arena.

The issue features an article on the adaptation of telecommunications and web technologies to the smart grid, what techniques can be used to better integrate the two and several other topics.

"The multi-disciplinary, system of systems that is Smart Grid presents great complexity and requires innovation and adaptation in the development of its many components and systems," said Massoud Amin, chair of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter. "The May issue of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter identifies several areas of complexity and offers pathways forward."

Amin provided one example of how the growing complexity of systems has been confronted. As smart grid technologies, telecommunications and information and communications technologies continue to merge, he says, a large number of the tools, models and algorithms that have been created for the telecom and web industries can be effectively adopted for use by smart grid leaders.

In the issue, Inaki Laresgoiti, head of field support systems for network operations at Tecnalia in Spain, wrote on the new responsibilities distribution networks will have within intelligent grids, as the introduction of renewables and distributed resources will require greater use of IT and communication systems.

Antonello Monti, senior member of IEEE and the director of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, wrote on how the deployment of the smart grid will necessitate more enhanced education and training methods to handle the huge complexity the smart grid will bring.

This month's issue also details what improvements must be made in the grid to better accommodate broadband wireless networks that will be needed to facilitate Advanced Metering Infrastructure growth.

The tangled web of various intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) that are being deployed by different vendors from all over the world is adding to the complexity of the grid. While these IEDs can provide utilities with immense loads of data that can be used to improve operating efficiency, collecting and analyzing this information can be costly and time consuming.

SUBNET has developed products and solutions that help utilities manage information gathered from these devices. As this process is increasingly performed from remote locations, SUBNET also ensures utilities comply with strict NERC CIP standards, maximizing cyber security. 

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