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Smart Grid News

IEEE publishes March edition of Smart Grid Newsletter

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Monday, March 19, 2012

IEEE has published this month's edition of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter, which discusses the benefits, challenges and engineering facets of retail, distribution-level energy markets and how a decentralized system of disparate methods for data collection play into power system reliability and security.

"The March issue of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter conveys the importance of broadening power markets to incorporate loads and resources connected in the distribution network and developing new dynamic rates reflecting real-time distribution costs," said Massoud Amin, chair of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter. "Another fundamental requirement for a viable marketplace is consumer trust in the security and privacy of the platform. This can be ensured through layered defense/security architectures combined with strengthening the high-voltage bulk power backbone."

In the newsletter, Gelareh Taban and Alvaro Cardenas wrote on how data aggregation can be used to protect privacy and ensure security in smart meters. Taban, who works as a security engineer in Silicon Valley, is currently researching privacy and security in networks, while Cardenas, a member of IEEE, is working on big analytics for security, smart grid technologies and wireless communications for embedded systems.

Contributors Siddharth Suryanarayanan and Elias Kyriakides wrote on the reliability benefits and challenges that will come from decentralizing the power system into much smaller - and more numerous - power grids.

The IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter was circulated to create a better understanding of the most prominent issues and challenges that have an effect on the efforts to transform the smart grid from a concept to a reality. The publication covers power generation, transmission and distribution, storage, technological advancements, the use of renewable energy, standards, security and communications.

At the upcoming IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, IEEE will further show its commitment to smart grid technologies. The conference and expo will cover the most significant information in the industry, and provide opportunities for power sector leaders to share ideas on technological trends and best practices.

In the exhibit hall, attendees from all over the world will witness the latest in innovations from some of the most forward-thinking companies in the industry.

SUBNET Solutions Inc., which provides utilities with expertise and software to maximize efficiency in asset management through secure substation automation, will be attending the event to display the latest in automation technologies. 

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