Smart Grid News

Smart Grid News

IEEE SmartGridComm 2012 to address global power grid issues

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, September 14, 2012

The IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm), one of the largest international forums designed to improve the world's power infrastructure, announced on September 14, 2012, it will hold the third annual on November 5 through November 8.

This year's event will focus on improving the efficiency of power grid and discuss ways to better delivery cheaper energy to customers around the world. IEEE members and event participants will discuss how smart grid technologies and two-way transfer of energy and data can be used to improve utilities' operating efficiencies.

The technology can also be used to decrease the time it takes utilities to restore power after blackouts and outages, improve the integration process of bringing more renewable energy sources - which can be unstable an intermittent - into the grid and pave the way for other devices that will be crucial for optimizing energy consumption.

The event will feature of number in-depth workshops, including "Smart Grid Communications: Research Challenges and Opportunities," "Communication Networks for Power Engineers," "Smart Metering Utility Networks (SUN) Standard - IEEE802.15.4g," "Communications within Power Substations: Breaking the EM Barrier," "Cognitive and Machine-to-Machine Communications and Networking for Smart Grid" and "Wireless Infrastructure for Smart Grid."

The importance of the smart grid is evident in the growing number of deployments that are reported every week. Conferences like IEEE's SmartGridComm are needed to develop the idea that can turn into policies. Just this week, a number of utilities and power companies rolled out new smart grid projects.

According to Smart Grid News, Trilliant announced it plans to expand its 2011 pilot program alongside the Victoria Electric Cooperative, while the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) announced it plans to deploy its consumer engagement software platform.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, which delivers power to nearly 52,000 customer in east Texas, said it will implement a new outage management system.

Smart grid deployments and innovations in smart grid technologies have been picking up for years, but recent reports show that by the turn of the decade, the smart grid market, especially the market for data-retrieving devices, will be worth billions of dollars.

SUBNET is poised to lead the way in helping utilities integrate their smart grid devices into the existing grid. Through its vendor-agnostic approach, SUBNET has created software and products that work with any IT infrastructure, and can transmit data across any communication platform.

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