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Integrating substation data in the modern grid

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Monday, March 26, 2012

As more utilities turn to the smart grid for enhanced operating efficiency and reliability, many are realizing that integrating data in substations containing several intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) can be a serious challenge that can impede smart grid deployment.

SUBNET's SubSTATION Server is a multi-function software application that can manage data from various IEDs through data concentration, protocol translation, automation logic, event file collection and enterprise connectivity.

Saving Money and Time

When utilities use different vendor-specific programs, personnel training costs can quickly mount due to the distinctively different features of each system, as well as the look and feel of different packages. SubSTATION Server saves utilities both time and money by getting rid of the need to buy, configure and manage multiple different legacy integration devices.

Utilities are facing slow response due to manual analysis of varying IEDs, which can become an impediment if a large number of records taken from different IEDs for the same event must be uploaded and analyzed. With SUBNET's solution, companies can avoid the limitations of IED vendor-specific integration devices through true multi-vendor integration capabilities that support the process for nearly all prominent IED vendors.

Integrating Data

The SubSTATION Server solution replaces outdated RTU data concentrators, relay communication processors and other legacy integration devices, which can allow for easy access and data analysis. Utilities use several forms of IEDs to collect data measurements in modern substations, including DFRs, DPRs, CBMs, RTUs, SERs and PLCs.

As these devices evolved from relatively simple to complex, the use of an automated collection system for IED data became necessary.

Avoiding Obsolescence

IEDs were originally designed with highly specific, usually limited, data collection features. The progression of technology has given these IEDs new capabilities, with critical improvements including more memory, better communication interfaces and high quality of data recording.

Utilities can get more out of their IED investments by avoiding unnecessary upgrades and replacements with SubSTATION Server, and can avoid technological obsolescence issues typically found in traditional substation integration solutions. The system leverages, and evolves with, mainstream networking and computing technologies such as Microsoft and Intel, compared to proprietary embedded IED vendor computing technologies.

The unparalleled power and ease of use have made the system the solution for more than 100 utilities around the world.

To learn more, plan to attend the SUBNET customer presentations during IEEE 2012. While at the conference, stop by SUBNET's booth #1763 and check out some of the latest substation automation technology.

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