Smart Grid News

Smart Grid News

New optimization technologies revealed for smart grid use

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, April 22, 2011

GE Intelligent Platforms, a software and services provider, recently announced a new line of technologies aimed at optimizing the smart grid for utilities.

The company's Proficy Grid Manager relays real-time information and analytics for utilities to improve their efficiency, as well as better manage the grid. Furthermore, Proficy includes four other capabilities which include operations management, lifecycle management, load management and knowledge management.

"What sets Proficy Grid Manager apart is that it has an open and layered architecture to seamlessly connect with a utility's current systems and applications while providing the flexibility to implement value-added capabilities layered right on top," said Bill Pezalla, global energy industry manager for GE Intelligent Platforms. "It's also Microsoft-based for easier support and training, cost-effectiveness, and integrated security."

Through its ample capabilities, the new Proficy portfolio of smart grid technologies can reduce system outages, enhance the lifecycles of equipment, better manage customer loads and digitize the standard operating procedures.

As more utilities move toward the smart grid to better regulate their usage, and better control their spending, new lines of technologies such as GE's can go a long way for the new sector. Utilities are increasingly investing in their smart grid technology solutions; the market is projected to rise by a factor of nearly 10, to over $40 billion, in the next 10 years.

Some of this investment will be directed towards improving the efficiency and consumer experience of smart grids, while another portion must be allocated to ensuring compliance with FERC and NERC regulations, tightening security and improving stability.

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