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New program would give funding to hackers to help with national cyber security

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, August 05, 2011

A former hacker who now works for the Pentagon recently unveiled a new program to help protect America from cyber attacks.

Peiter Zatko - who was known as Mudge in his hacking days - now works for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and created the "Cyber Fast Track" program to help other hackers gain access to funding to help them work on projects to protect national security, according to Reuters.

The news source reports that Zatko created the program after joining the Pentagon and seeing that the large bureaucracy was woefully unprepared to handle attacks from hackers using cyber guerrilla tactics.

Zatco said that the program will allow smaller cyber security companies to gain access to funding, "making it actually easy enough for them to compete for government research money with the large, traditional government contractors."

Hackers who are funded through the program will retain commercial intellectual property rights to anything they create and the government will be allowed to use their creations.

National cyber security has been increasingly in the spotlight following the Stuxnet attack on Pakistan, which affected a large percentage of the country's computer systems.

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