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Oklahoma City debating potential $30 million move of substation

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, April 22, 2011

A debate has been ongoing in Oklahoma City regarding the movement of a substation that will ultimately cost the region $30 million to complete. The move is related to the city's plan to build a new convention center. The substation is located near the plot of land the center hopes to be built on.

The city's mayor, Mick Cornett, is in favor of the movement that would shift the substation in the area's Core to Shore development; however, the majority of the city council is against the expenditure.

Already, the proposed center will cost between $250 and $400 million, according to reports. However, if the money is spent to move the substation, the center could shrink in size by nearly 80,000 square feet.

"The first number we got in was it might be as much as $75 million to move the substation,” said Cornett. “I asked for more info from staff and they responded it seemed as if it might cost $30 million to have the substation removed. … The thought was put $30 million into the substation [if the convention center was located in a different spot], and put whatever of that isn’t needed back into the convention center."

The substation is currently owned and operated by Oklahoma Gas and Electric. Talks to purchase the substation and move it have been ongoing for nearly two years.  

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