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Smart Grid News

Panel calls for improved smart grid cybersecurity measures

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Monday, May 09, 2011

The increasing threat of cyberattacks on the smart grid has increasingly concerned U.S. policymakers. According to a recently published report, one industry group has recommended that the U.S. overhaul its cybersecurity protocols during the next round of rules revisions.

Info Security reports that the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel's (SGIP) Cyber Security Working Group (CSWG) recommended that cybersecurity measures that monitor wireless communications and smart grid metering need to be improved when they are revised. SGIP was set up by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

CSWG chair Marianne Swanson said the panel's findings - if implemented - could help bring about a safer U.S. electricity supply. The panel suggested that the government require improved cybersecurity measures for wireless communications between all devices connected to the smart grid, including components used in generation plants, substations and transmission systems.

In a statement, Swanson said that the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches needs to be taken very seriously by those involved in the smart grid. "From a security prospective, we will always find something that needs to be tweaked," Swanson affirmed.

Many analysts contend the smart grid is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. Many U.S. policymakers have called for stricter standards in smart grid cybersecurity.  

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