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Renewable Energy Technology Conference and Exhibition set for September

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Renewable Energy Technology Conference and Exhibition (RETECH 2011) has been slotted for September 20 through September 22 in Washington, D.C.

Every year, RETECH gathers all of the renewable energy technologies, applications and industries in one setting, which will provide government officials, executives, financiers, engineers and several other related professionals a hub for annual updates on renewable energy advancements.

The conference is widely known for its educational content, which is delivered by more than 250 industry leaders. Speakers will provide information on the industry's major technologies, which include wind, solar, ocean, biomass and biofuels, hydro, geothermal and waste energy.

Speakers will also cover cross-cutting sections of markets, finance, industry and policy.

The Trade Show Exhibition will feature hundreds of organizations and companies displaying some of the newest technologies, products and services in the industry.

Notable keynote speakers include U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Judge James L. Connaughton, Minister Johannes Remmel and many more.

In the conference's third year, RETECH will provide access to executives and managers from utilities around the world and allow technology businesses to connect with investors in the renewable energy sector.

The program is set to kick off with a presentation on Small and Integrated Energy Solutions, which will allow communities, small businesses, individuals and students to learn how to use energy solutions to shape the future of renewables. Speakers will discuss how to create local jobs, reduce energy and water costs and contribute to the nation's financial and economic security.

The Biomass Coordinating Council will host the presentation, and will be separated into three sections: Existing small scale technologies, new opportunities and challenges for them and solutions for integration so that economies can benefit from them.

By the end of the conference, solutions and technologies that have been presented will be discussed on a global level in an International Development forum. As several countries have moved forward with renewable energy development, leaders will explain how it has been mainstreamed through national, political, economic or trade mechanisms. Issues such as foreign investor trends and drivers, benefiting from globalization and facilitating international investment will be covered in this final presentation.

With more than 25 countries expected to be represented, RETECH 2011 will further solidify its position as a truly unique event in the renewable energy sector.

SUBNET Solutions works with companies that will likely attend RETECH, offering services for developing substation automation and smart grid implementation.

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