Smart Grid News

Smart Grid News

SD&G smart grid director gives insight into future of electric industry

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smart grid director at San Diego Gas and Electric Lee Krevat will be among the featured panelists at the DNV KEMA Energy and Sustainability's upcoming Utility of the Future Leadership Forum titled "Pathway to Excellence."

At the event, Krevat will share his expectations of where the smart grid could go from here, and what technologies will be developed along the way. He also enumerated the challenges and achievements that have already been noted so far in the electric industry.

"The energy industry is one of the last to be significantly transformed by technology, but the time has come," Krevat said. "Utilities are deploying meters that provide data in near real-time versus once per month, customers are investing in solar panels for their rooftops in record numbers, electric vehicle sales are ramping up, and utilities are working hard to adapt to these changes while ensuring reliability. Energy independence, significant improvements to the environment, and customer choice and control are around the corner. This is the industry to be in."

The forum will give industry leaders the time to discuss the major changes the sector has seen, and the roads on which innovators have traveled to ensure a future that is filled with sustainable energy. Other panelists will discuss what challenges utilities will face in various economic environments. The event will also give utilities an opportunity to network and an outlet to share ideas, and potentially collaborate and engage with other industry professionals.

The Utility of the Future discussion will hear ideas from senior executives who are eager to share their viewpoints in an attempt to help develop a more sustainable, reliable and profitable electric industry.

San Diego Gas and Electric, which has implemented solutions developed by SUBNET, has been a strong proponent of smart grid technologies in California. To raise awareness and further educate its customers about the smart grid, the utility will host a customer education conference at its Energy Innovation Center. The event will feature speakers from the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Public Utilities Commission.

SUBNET, which is already being used by nine of 10 leading North American utilities, has developed software and solutions that will help utilities collect vast amounts of smart grid data securely, helping the sector grow by ensuring simple and efficient integration. 

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