Smart Grid News

Smart Grid News

Senate Bill requires new smart grid deployment plans for California utilities

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The 2009 passing of Senate Bill 17 required California's utility companies to join the smart grid by 2020 and adhere to several deployment plans.

While some of these utilities company already had plans in place, the SB presents different requirements. Now, during the next 10 years, these utilities must outline a company vision, deploy baseline, grid and cyber security strategies as well as an overall smart grid strategy and then wager the costs and benefits of adding each utility to the grid.

Those that had deployment plans in place prior are now working to adjust them to meet the SB's requirements.

“We said, ‘We already have a plan,’” said Lee Krevat, director of smart grid for San Diego Gas & Electric, “but we wouldn’t say that now.”

To ensure their new deployment plans and strategies are efficient, secure and meet all standards, many of these companies are now collaborating in formal working groups. Experts believe new pilots and future plans will presents new methods for California's utilities to join the grid, however, many similarities to previous plans could exist.

“We all believe that the smart grid is going to evolve at a pace we can’t predict,” said Kevin Dasso, PG&E's senior director for smart grid. “Our deployment plans are about preparing for different futures.” 

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