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Smart Grid News

Senator leads campaign to overturn smart grid veto

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Wednesday, October 19, 2011

After a smart grid proposal was vetoed by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, groups and lawmakers banded together to work toward overturning the veto. Now, one state senator is leading a new campaign in favor of the bill, and is confident it will be overturned.

According to the Pantagraph, State Senator Mike Jacobs says he has succeeded in persuading his fellow policy makers to vote for the smart grid veto override. In order for the veto to be overturned, Jacobs need five colleagues to change their original nays to yays.

"I just believe I've got the votes," Jacobs said Tuesday. "I think the bill has gained a lot of support."

The smart grid legislation likely will be the main topic of discussion in Springfield during the six-day veto session that began on Tuesday, October 18. Illinois utilities ComEd and Ameren, which spent millions of dollars to help raise awareness of the bill, are hoping the measure will take off.

The legislation, Senate Bill 1652, would help to pay for upgrades to Illinois' aging electrical distribution infrastructure, and would work toward helping the state become integrated into the smart grid, the media outlet stated.

SUBNET Solutions Inc. is working to help utilities integrate into the smart grid, offering expertise in substation automation and remote access. 

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