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Sparks fly at SUBNET User Group Conference 2011

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, November 04, 2011

From October 23 to 27, SUBNET Solutions Inc. held its third annual User Group Conference, which was touted by the company as the "best one yet," a title corroborated by the success seen during the week-long event.

The focus of the conference was to develop substation integration solutions across a multi-vendor, multi-function platform. Participants at the event learned best practices to overcome the multitude of challenges utilities across North America are currently facing.

A wide range of professionals attended the conference, including compliance managers, IT security personnel, substation technicians and other engineers, to benefit from advanced, hands-on training provided by SUBNET and hear several keynote presentations that explained where the industry was heading in the near future.

Equipment maintenance personnel and other technicians were treated to debuts of new products as well as application case studies that described how common industry challenges have been solved in the past, and how to learn from these decisions to solve future problems.

A special demonstration of tips, tricks and best practices showed what diverse and unique options come with SUBNET technology.

The conference included demonstrations from several speakers that dealt with many issues in the electric grid. Chris Sistrunk, Senior Engineer with Entergy Corporation, an integrated energy company, discussed advanced substation integration of GE D20 controllers. Sistrunk spoke on the ability to connect multiple terminal servers, with as many as 90 relays connected. Items also addressed included distribution fault location, comprised of leveraging data from intelligent electrical devices to provide a real-time algorithm with data to provide fault location for distribution feeders.

Greg Linder, a SCADA engineer with Juwi Solar, discussed the place of photovoltaic energy within the electric grid in his presentation "Communications Reliability for Utility Scale Photovoltaic Plants." Linder explained how Juwi Solar monitored tens of thousands of data points from more than 50 megawatts of solar power assets spread across five states. The presentation stated that although it can be challenging to install hard-line data to remote solar sites, it was still extremely important.

With attendees from all over the country, this year's conference saw major success in training utilities on efficient deployment of SUBNET technology, as well as confronting the many challenges associated with planning and managing configurations along every step, from inception to implementation.  

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