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SUBNET conducts webinar on the secrets of SEL hardware

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Monday, May 07, 2012

It may be widely believed among North American utilities that replacing SEL hardware is the only way to introduce intelligence to grid operations, but with SUBNET's new webinar, utilities can learn the 10 secrets that enable efficient, timely smart grid installations that do not involve replacement.

The free thirty minute online presentation gives instructions on how to get the most out of SEL hardware without replacing it. By the end of the webinar, viewers will have a firm grasp on a number of ways to benefit from existing hardware. Participants will learn how to concurrently poll several disparate substation devices, view all data from substation devices in one place, use existing SEL hardware to connect with devices from different vendors and effectively troubleshoot issues with communication between devices.

SUBNET's webinar also focuses on how to leverage the most advanced smart grid technologies with existing SEL hardware, reduce the difficulties posed by replacing substation hardware and make the NERC CIP compliance process easier.

The webinar details how intelligence can be introduced to old relays, and also touches on how to simplify system architecture and access event files to alleviate faults and disturbances more quickly.

Anyone involved in substation automation will find the webinar enormously helpful, as will utilities that have implemented multi-vendor IEDs in their substations and workers responsible for NERC CIP compliance.

 View the presentation:

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