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SUBNET offering steep discounts on IED Toolkit, SEL Relay Data Emulator until July 31

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Thursday, July 14, 2011

As utilities across the U.S. continue to make upgrades to their power supply networks, they are increasingly working to replace outdated equipment. The Obama Administration has outlined its plans to continue the development of the U.S. smart grid and many utilities are quickly working to automate their antiquated devices.

SUBNET Solutions, which is an industry leader in its adherence to cyber security and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) regulations, said this week that it will offer some of its most popular products at discounted prices - for a limited time only.

For employees of power providers and transmitters who are involved in testing or troubleshooting communication with substation devices, or for those who need to access and view substation device data, two of SUBNET's most innovative and widely adopted testing solutions are a part of the limited-time offer.

SUBNET's IED Toolkit is the first of the products to be offered at a discounted rate. Interested parties, however, only have a limited time to act as the deal expires on the last day of the month, July 31. The IED Toolkit is a comprehensive software solution that enable technicians, engineers and other personnel to configure and test communications to substation IEDs simultaneously. The device can be used in a myriad of ways, including in a substation, a lab or even a desk.

What's more, the IED Toolkit allows users to configure and test all IED communications and IED controls. It also allows users to verify and view all IED data points, which is critically important. While it is normally offered at a rate of $3,500 per license, SUBNET is offering the IED Toolkit at a 29 percent discount through the end of the month at a rate of $2,495 per license.

Moreover, the SUBNET SEL Relay Data Emulator is being offered at a similar 29 percent discount through July 31. The tool is a software application and assists in the design, commissioning and training of any integration solution using SEL Relays.

The SUBNET SEL Relay Data Emulator also helps to configure emulation for a wide range of SEL relays, complete message logging that is useful for testing and establishing communications between a master device and the emulated relay. Instead of the normal fee of $3,500 per license, SUBNET will offer it for $2,495 per license.

The offers expire in only two weeks and all interested parties should act quickly to take advantage of the steep summer-time discounts. The products are used by a number of the biggest and most emulated utilities in the country and their efficacy has been tested and proven under myriad of circumstances.

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The Complexities of Substation Cyber Security

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