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SUBNET ranks among top contenders for smart grid GRC

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A new report released by Pike Research ranked SUBNET Solutions Inc. among the top 10 cyber security vendors for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), adding that while the fledgling market has no leaders out front just yet, SUBNET is a top contender for the spot.

The report, titled "Smart Grid Cyber Security Governance, Risk Management and Compliance," covers what has become a niche market in what is already a highly specialized area - smart grid cyber security. In order to rank the top players according to GRC, Pike studied the companies' key applications of asset identification, risk assessment, architecture, policies, configuration management and regulatory and legislative compliance.

Pike noted the critical importance of GRC, calling it the "foundation upon which all cyber security is deployed." If policies and architecture are not developed, cyber security programs have no basis from which to grow, but without GRC, security programs couldn't exist at all. However, the nascent smart grid market, and especially the GRC niche, has not yet had time to place a crown on any one vendor.

"Despite the fact that [GRC] are essential requirements for any cyber security program, this is not a well-served market for smart grids," says Pike Research Senior Analyst Bob Lockhart. "Pike Research expects that to change in the coming two to three years, but at present we have not identified a single vendor that combines the necessary innovation, scale, and smart grid focus to be considered a leader in this area."

Still, in the race to lead the GRC market, SUBNET is in the running alongside security giants McAfee, IBM, Cisco and Oracle, and gaining national notoriety in doing so. While SUBNET on its own is a contender in the GRC market, SUBNET works closely with other top companies including Cisco, McAfee/Nitro Security and McAfee's parent company Intel.

According to Smart Grid TMCnet, SUBNET, a lesser-known vendor compared to others on the list, is steaming ahead in the GRC market as a strong innovator, targeting specific areas of GRC with creative approaches previously unexplored by other vendors.

In the report, Pike details the leading GRC vendors and rated them on 12 criteria, including vision, go-to-market strategy, partners, product strategy and roadmap and several other measures. SUBNET was able to crack the list's top 10.

SUBNET, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, had made a name for itself through its innovative Unified Grid Intelligence - an interoperability philosophy behind its holistic approach to real-time integration of intelligent utility systems.

By leveraging existing utility assets and using established IT policies, SUBNET helps utilities comply with cyber security standards that meet NERC CIP requirements. 

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