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Unified Substation Visualization and Control

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Monday, April 09, 2012

In order for utility workers to perform the effective operation of a large power system, massive amounts of data must be analyzed. The huge amount of data must be presented in a way that allows the operators to assess the state of the system and respond accordingly - a formidable challenge that can slow smart grid deployment.

Although relatively simple forms of displays sufficed in the pre-smart grid era, the restructuring of electric infrastructure has prompted the need for enhanced visualization techniques. Analysis of data in large power systems involves modeling complex elements to the substation technician, who is usually faced with analyzing a vast amount of information from line loadings, bus voltages, generation, available transfer capability and other sources of data.

Presenting this data so as to facilitate quick assimilation and assessment of the situation has become a major challenge for utilities. With SubSTATION Explorer 2, these information sources can be quickly and easily integrated, keeping projects within their intended time frames and on budget.

SUBNET's SubSTATION Explorer 2 helps utilities unify the visualization of all critical substation information. In typical IED-based substations, crucial information is strewn about dozens of various IED faceplates that have obscure menu-driven displays. For personnel who manage electrical utility substations, SubSTATION Explorer 2 is a software application that enables you to safely, securely and reliably view and control all of your critical substation data.

The solution is configurable, as opposed to programmable, providing companies with a full-featured HMI interface without the additional costs of extensive training, development and code maintenance to achieve advanced intuitive HMI displays in a matter of hours, not weeks.

As the amount of information grows, utility workers will find it more difficult to be made aware of alarms and alerts, which warn the technician of anomalous conditions in the system. SUBNET's solution was developed with a built-in digital alarm annunciator, which facilitates the timely resolution of substation alarms before they become critical and costly.

As the frequency and complexity of cyber attacks increase, utilities will need to ensure substation data remains safe and secure. SubSTATION Explorer 2 features built-in multi-level security that leverages existing corporate policies, keeping maintenance overhead to a minimum. Security can be applied down to the configuration file level by assigning users specific privileges such as full control, modify, view & execute or just view configurations.

By using the solution, personnel who manage electrical utility substations can centrally view all local substation data in a standard format and layout, manage alarms and retain safe and reliable operations during network and system outages.

To hear more about the solution, plan to attend the SUBNET customer presentations during IEEE 2012, and be sure stop by SUBNET's booth #1763 to learn about the latest in substation automation technology.

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The Complexities of Substation Cyber Security

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