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Smart Grid News

Update issued for Smart Grid Maturity Model

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Friday, September 16, 2011

Updates to the Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) have been released, which utilities can use to manage and leverage their plans to become integrated into the new smart grid, prioritize available options and measure their progress while they migrate toward smart grid technologies.

The idea for the SGMM was thought of by the Global Intelligent Utility Network Coalition, a collaboration of 11 utilities, when it became apparent that the industry needed guidance in smart grid implementation. Eight domains are covered in the model, which contain smart grid characteristics and capabilities that are essential to its organization, utilization and operation.

Updates include changes to the expected characteristics and explanatory material that will enable better consistency of application of the model, new organizational suggestions that may facilitate peer comparisons and help to collect data and better guidance on analysis.

Supplementary to the updates, SGMM Navigators are also available, which help utilities understand and use the model by guiding them through an assessment that determines where they stand within the SGMM, and helps them to set goals for grid modernization.

Found within the model is a new matrix that offers a summary view of the entire plan, separated into pioneering, optimizing, integrating, enabling and initiating sections. The matrices are further subdivided into more specific categories, such as grid operations and technical aspects.

In this grid operations matrix, which focuses heavily on reliability, efficiency and security, two of the final components necessary for initiation are substation automation and cyber security.

In the final stages of grid operations initiation, outage and distribution management systems that are linked to substation automation must be explored and evaluated, while cyber security requirements should also be considered.

Many utilities have reported repeated use of the SGMM to track their progress in smart grid integration, with more than 120 utilities having participated in the utilization of the model to date.

"Our focus this year has been to improve the worldwide availability of SGMM Navigation, and we have accomplished that by enlisting seven partner organizations and training more than 30 SGMM Navigators," said Austin Montgomery, Smart Grid Program executive."Our SGMM Partners are industry leaders who work directly with utilities to help them use the model as part of their roadmap and strategy development."

This is the third volume of the document, which is released by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Melon University.

SUBNET Solutions Inc. also have helped companies navigate their way into the smart grid, specializing in substation automation integration and other services.

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