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Smart Grid News

Western Protective Relay Conference to take place in Washington

SUBNET Solutions Inc | Thursday, September 22, 2011

From October 18 to the 20, the Western Protective Relay Conference (WPRC) will take place at the Spokane Convention Center in Washington. The event will feature presentations and discussions of a wide range of technical aspects of protective relaying and other subjects related to the matter.

The WPRC will provide an educational forum on protective relaying, with roughly 500 attendees expected from around the world. The discussions will allow participants to learn about advanced technologies that have been developed and how to apply them to problems associated with electrical power failures.

In attendance will be SUBNET Solutions Inc., a company with a Unified Grid Intelligence philosophy that takes a holistic approach to providing interoperable solutions between a variety of field devices, to different business systems and across several types of communication networks.

The company will take part in talks led by speakers that will present papers that have gained notoriety among a group of protective relaying experts.

The event will discuss several aspects of protective relay, with some sessions putting an emphasis on the practical applications of ethernet in substations.

SUBNET Solution Inc. offers solutions for utilities in smart grid integration and substation automation.  

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