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SUBNET in the Media

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Whether you have heard of SUBNET Solutions Inc. or not, the fact is SUBNET products help manage thousands of substations for electric utilities worldwide. Below is a selection of links to articles that feature and reference the work SUBNET does within the power industry.
SUBNET Solutions Inc.: Mapping the Next-Gen Smart Grid
Energy CIO Insights | June 2016
Since its first reported implementation in the 1960s, SCADA systems have undergone a sea change, graduating from first-generation monolithic SCADA systems to the IoT SCADA systems that are prevalent today. As all good things go, this was not an overnight silver-bullet on the board, and between the evolution of these incipient SCADA systems, there arose an impediment that was downplayed by many energy and utility providers, or they simply didn’t have the means to counter: the absence of an industry-specific solution built around the energy sector, especially in the area of substation automation. Realizing this gap between operational technology and information technology, a team of electrical and software engineers, led by Ameen Hamdon laid the cornerstone for SUBNET Solutions Inc. (SUBNET)—to provide room for energy and utility specific automation and integration systems. “We started to build and develop software for the energy ecosystem and one of our first products was a substation HMI (Human Machine Interface) software, released in 2000. Since then SUBNET’s product portfolio has been witnessing large-scale expansion notes,” Ameen Hamdon, Founder and President, SUBNET Solutions Inc.Read the Article

Energy 2.0: Where the Future of Building Automation Systems is Headed
TMCnet Smart Grid | June 2012
Zpryme, in collaboration with Clasma, recently published a free report regarding the stakeholders and milestones involved with Energy 2.0 and the evolution of the Smart Grid. The goal of Energy 2.0 is to provide abundant, affordable and clean energy and has been formulated because of skyrocketing energy costs, a lack of clean energy supply and an increasingly information-rich world. While Zpryme’s report is robustly thorough regarding all facets of the roadmap, this article focuses strictly on the future of the Building Automation industry. Read the Article

Smart Grid Cyber Security Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance
Pike Research | March 2012
A new report released by Pike Research ranked SUBNET Solutions Inc. among the top 10 cyber security vendors for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), adding that while the fledgling market has no leaders out front just yet, SUBNET is a top contender for the spot. Read the Executive Summary of the Report

SUBNET Sponsors Smart Grid Lab Facility in Knoxville, Tennessee
Business Wire | March 2012
SUBNET is a proud sponsor of a new State-of-the-art Smart Grid Labs testing facility constructed by EnerNex. The EnerNex Smart Grid Lab is used for testing, pre-certification testing and training. Read the Press Release

Humble but High-Priority: McAfee/NitroSecurity Heads GRC Vendors in Smart Grid Industry | March 2012
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is the foundation on which all cyber security is deployed and it is gaining in popularity. reviews a report published by research firm Pike Research which lists SUBNET as a major contender in the market space. Read the Article

SUBNET Solutions system helps deliver NERC CIP compliance
SmartGridToday| June 2011
As utilities work to meet the security requirements of NERC's CIP (critical infrastructure protection) standards, managing passwords for tens of thousands of intelligent electronic devices poses a challenge, the president of SUBNET Solutions told us this week. Read the Article

SEL Protection and Automation System Modernizes Duke Energy Coal Plant
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc | October 2010
When Duke Energy needed to modernize a power plant built in the 1930s, they chose to include SEL-3332 Intelligent Servers powered by SUBNET’s SubSTATION Server. SubSTATION Server is a multi-function software application that performs data concentration, protocol translation, automation logic, event file collection and enterprise connectivity. SubSTATION Server is available directly from SUBNET as software product or pre-installed on a variety of hardware platforms including the SEL-3332 Intelligent Server. SEL is a SUBNET “Powered by SUBNET” OEM Partner and offers SubSTATION Server on a variety of their automation products including the SEL-3332, SEL-3351 and the new SEL-3354. Read the Article

Paving the Way to the 21st Century Smart Grid at Seattle City Light
Author Michael Pesin, Seattle City Light | Electric Light & Power | June 2010
Seattle City Lights (SCL) smart grid vision includes customer end systems, distributed energy resources, energy delivery system, substation system and integration with existing hydro generation. It is important to note that smart grid is not defined by what technologies it incorporates but rather by what it can do. Read what SCL is doing to build a smart grid. Read the Article

Cargill Chooses SEL to Modernize and Automate Brazilian Starch and Sweetener Factory Substations
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. | May 2010
A press release issued by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories highlights how manufacturing-giant Cargill has increased reliability while saving money by modernizing one of their Brazilian substations. Part the solution included using SUBNET’s SubSTATION Server software application on SEL-3332 Intelligent Server hardware. This success further solidifies SUBNET’s position as a leader in intelligent substation solutions in North America and globally. The success of this project is due in part to the thriving partnership SUBNET has with Schweitzer Engineering. Read the Article

Take Asset Decisions Off the Clock
Author Dawn Toporek | Transmission & Distribution World| April 2010
Over the past 10 to 15 years, utilities have seen tremendous growth in the number of smart relays and other smart substation devices. In addition, there have been significant advancements in communications to these field devices. Southern Company needed a solution that would integrate well with its existing standard substation gateway solution, which is the Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) 3351 running SUBNET Solutions SubstationSERVER.NET software. After vendor evaluations and a request for proposal process, Southern Company selected a combination solution from two vendors: InStep Software's eDNA Historian software and SUBNET Solutions' ESNET software. Southern calls the combined solution the Field Data Historian (FDH). Read the Article

Making Substations Talk the Talk
Author Bill Koch | Rural Electric Magazine | January 2010
Electric co-ops find increasing the movement and availability of substation data boosts system reliability while greatly improving operational efficiency. Substation automation involves making sure all of the various pieces, parts, and functions found in the facilities "play well together." Properly implemented, the final product will greatly enhance traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems by gathering additional, in-depth information for use in streamlining electric co-op operations, maintenance, and planning. Read the Article

Smart Substations: Still a Long Way to Go
Author Warren Causey | Energy Central | April 2009
In an article published by Energy Central, SUBNET Solutions Inc. is credited with helping Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Southwest Transmission Cooperative (SWT) get access to all of 90% of their substation data typically not available from SCADA and Energy Management Systems (EMS). Read the Article

Remote Access Security Made Easy and Effective
Author Ameen Hamdon | Power & Energy | October 2008
Utilities worldwide are bolstering cyber security measures like never before. For some companies, government regulations such as the NERC/FERC CIP policies in the US, are the impetus for change. Utilities in other parts of the world are enhancing their security not out of regulatory obligation but prudent business responsibility. Ameen Hamdon of SUBNET Solutions examines the importance of cyber security. Read the Article

Campus Distribution Makes the Grade
Authors David P. McHale & Robert B. Swayne | Transmission & Distribution World | October 2007
The need for a reliable, robust electrical system to meet the vast requirement of a major university is paramount. Read about how the University of California, Santa Barbara updates a legacy distribution system with automation and state-of-the-art network. Read the Article

NERC/CIP Compliance: Headache or Opportunity?
Author John Shaw, GarrettCom | Utility Automation & Engineering T&D | July 2007
The cyber security compliance challenge is like that of the Y2K event in enterprise computing nearly a decade ago. FERC and NERC timetables are forcing significant changes in utility networking and computing infrastructure. Utilities can look at cyber security as merely an intrusive requirement, forcing investment in security-specific technologies, or, alternatively, utilities can view this as a forced upgrade to their infrastructure that creates opportunity for much broader improvements and benefits. Read the Article

Dealing with NERC/CIP Standards - A New Ballgame
Author Warren B. Causey | Sierra Energy Group | March 2007
Dealing with regulatory reporting is nothing new for utilities. However, the new NERC CIP standards, which have been given the force of law by FERC, have presented a whole new ballgame. Because of Microsoft's ubiquity in utility enterprises, its enabling technologies and architectures are making it easier, and faster, to develop the necessary solutions to deal with these new requirements. Read the Article
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