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Unified Grid Intelligence products for a smarter grid

SUBNET products are fast becoming the de-facto standard across North American electric utilities. Whether you’re looking for substation-based data solutions or corporate enterprise applications, SUBNET products securely manage the exchange of substation data within your utility.
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Make substations more intelligent with SubSTATION Server, the most advanced and versatile substation data management server available today. This powerful, multi-function integration solution replaces outdated RTU data concentrators, Relay Communication Processors and other legacy integration devices. Its unparalleled power and ease of use make it the integration solution of choice for over 100 utilities worldwide.
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SubSTATION Explorer 2 is SUBNET’s new and revolutionary substation HMI solution for unifying the visualization and control of all your critical substation information. In typical IED based substations, critical information is scattered amongst dozens of different IED faceplates with obscure menu driven displays. With SubSTATION Explorer 2, utilities implement a standardized solution that enables the secure and reliable local operation of any and all of your IED based substations.
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SubSTATION Studio 2015 is part of SUBNET’s Unified Grid Intelligence philosophy. This holistic approach provides interoperable solutions between many different field devices, to many different business systems, over many different types of communication networks. The goal of these solutions is to provide true multi-vendor, multi-function interoperability.
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PowerSYSTEM Server is a Front End Processor (FEP) solution that enables more complete real-time information access from an electric utilities’ intelligent field devices. As a SCADA FEP upgrade, PowerSYSTEM Server represents a cost effective solution with a large, advanced library of SCADA protocol drivers with integrated security capabilities. PowerSYSTEM Server can also be used as a Non-SCADA FEP to collect and interface previously stranded IED data directly with utility data historians and asset management systems, independent of and without burdening the utilities SCADA system.
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With PowerSYSTEM Center utilities are able to securely and centrally manage its large install base of many different intelligent electronic devices (meters, relays, RTUs, etc) deployed throughout their entire transmission and distribution system. Used by dozens of the largest T&D companies in the US for NERC CIP IED Access Control, PowerSYSTEM Center is a multi-function IED management solution that supports several additional functions including; Unified Relay Event File Collection and Archiving, Unified Asset Monitoring and Unified Data Historian interfaces.
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SUBNET SEL Relay Data Emulator

SUBNET SEL Relay Data Emulator assists you in configuring substation systems without having direct access to devices. This product mirrors existing SEL relays and simulates data to bench-test systems before going live.
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ASE2000 Test Set

Easly maintain and diagnose communication problems. The ASE2000 Test Set is for engineers, technicians, maintenance professionals and other electric utility personnel who need to maintain SCADA remote terminal units (RTUs) and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and diagnose communication problems.
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