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Secure Dialup SCADA and Substation IED Access Option

For engineers, technicians and others who need to remotely access IEDs via dialup data communication, optional DialupGUARDIAN hardware is available for PowerSYSTEM Center.
SUBNET DialupGUARDIANThe DialupGUARDIAN Administration within PowerSYSTEM Center generates and assigns all access codes to all of the DialupGUARDIAN units.
  • Quickly connects properly authenticated dialup calls and disconnects unauthorized calls
  • Fully integrates within the My IEDs module of PowerSYSTEM Center
  • Automatic consolidation of logs and reports including all remote dial up activity and remote IED user access
  • Minimal maintenance and diverse platform compatibility due to not requiring installation of a client side application
  • Compatible with a variety of off the shelf dial up modems

Key Features of DialupGUARDIAN

  • Not dependent on client-side applications
  • Does not require voice mode capable modems
  • Substation hardened
  • Requires no changes to existing SCADA systems

Security and NERC CIP Compliance
  • Maintains access log for all activities as host and remote sites. Logs are collected in PowerSYSTEM Center along with other user access logs
  • Requires a unique 12 digit alphanumeric pass code for each unit for device-to-device authentication
  • Security codes are changed after each connection to prevent replay attacks
  • Physical alarm contacts alert SCADA system of unauthorized access attempts
  • Hardware is managed and configured centrally from PowerSYSTEM Center
  • Integration with My IEDs extends security beyond the modems. Offer call control of specific IEDs attached to the communication processor, including the connecting application
  • Integration with My IEDs provides both dial-up and TCP/IP connectivity within a single, easy-to-use interface
Click here to request a demo of DialupGUARDIAN
DSP-101 Portable Unit: supports single dial-up device – view data sheet

DG-108 Remote Unit: supports up to 8 dial-up devices – view data sheet
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