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DSP-101 Portable Unit

Securely and Remotely access Substation IEDs via Modem Dial-up

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  • The DSP-101 is usually located at the host location (eg. Control Center) and connects between the host computer dial up modem and the phone line. The DSP-101 handles both incoming and outgoing calls and can be installed into existing dial up circuits with few changes to the existing dial up parameters. It communicates with other SUBNET DialupGUARDIAN Units located at various Remote (eg. Substation) sites.
  • The DSP-101 logs all call activity, whether authenticated or not, including time / date, identity of calling Unit and duration of call.
  • DSP-101's are factory configured with a serial number, customer ID.
  • Each DSP-101 contains a list of access codes of other DialupGUARDIAN Units that are authorized to call in. An incoming authenticated call through a DSP-101 Unit can succeed only if the receiving DSP-101 Unit has the originating DSP-101 Unit access code in its configuration memory.
  • In systems with a Central Administration System computer (CAS), CAS generates and assigns all access codes to all of the DSP-101 Units (Host, Remote and Portable versions). These access codes are maintained by CAS and are not accessible to the user. CAS also manages DSP-101 Unit configurations and call activity data downloads.
  • For smaller systems without a CAS controlled system, DSP-101 configuration changes and call activity data downloads are done locally on each Unit.
  • DSP-101 Host Units function independently with or without CAS.
  • The DSP-101 can also be used as a Remote Unit where only one device needs to be connected.


Power: Standard: 20 - 160 VDC, < 7W idle, < 15W max Optional: 10 - 160 VDC

Fuse Alarm Outputs: Fuse alarm output form A / B jumper selectable

Phone Line & Device Ports: 1 phone line jack, 1 device jack

Environment Standard: 32 to 120 °F (0 to 50 °C), 0 - 95% non condensing rel. humidity Optional: -40 to 120 °F (-40 to 50 °C)

Meets USA / Canada interconnect and power line cross standards, Substation hardened - meets IEEE1613 standards

Mounting: Single or double (side by side) rack mount (1 RU), wall mount.
Dimensions: 8-3/8"W x 1-3/4"H x 9-1/2"D (21.3cm x 4.5cm x 24.1cm)
Shipping weight: 4 lbs. (1.8 Kg.)
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