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The SUBNET Ultrabox 820 is part of SUBNET’s Unified Grid Intelligence philosophy. This holistic approach provides interoperable solutions between many different field devices, to many different business systems, over many different types of communication networks. The goal of these solutions is to provide true multi-vendor, multi-function interoperability. SUBNET’s solutions integrate with utilities’ existing IEDs, IT networks, and engineering productivity tools to deliver data efficiently and securely to analysts, maintenance personnel, engineering departments, and operations.
Feature SUBNET Ultrabox820 Vendor 1
Processor Intel dual-core i7-3555LE
2.5 GHz processor
Intel dual-core i7-3555LE
2.5 GHz processor
RAM 16GB (Up to) 16GB (Up to)
Temp. Range -40℃ to 75℃ -40℃ to 60℃
Hard Drive 4 x SATA 2.0 interfaces
RAID Support 0,1,5,10,Hot-Swappable
4 x SATA 2.0 interfaces
RAID Support 0,1,5,10,Hot-Swappable
IEC 61850-3 Certification X
IEC 1613 Certification X
IEC 60255 X
PRP Support (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) X
HSR Support (Highly-available Seamless Redundancy) X
CPU Benchmark Score 6424.6 6292.4
Memory Benchmark Score 1300.2 1192.9
Disk Benchmark Score 1345.9 1232.9


Substation Challenges

  • Is having to navigate many different substation devices making it tough to collect the data you want?
  • Is traveling to substations inconvenient and an unproductive use of engineering time?
  • Does it take too long to restore power after a disturbance?
  • Do you need access to more substation device data than SCADA is able to provide?
  • Is connecting to different substation devices difficult because of the variety of communication protocols used?
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Features and Benefits of SUBNET SubSTATION Server

  • Create a single point of secure access and access control for substation operational data, non-operational data, and remote access so you can avoid or eliminate multiple data access points.
  • Easily deliver substation device data to business intelligence systems to reduce costs, improve power system reliability, and support condition based maintenance initiatives.
  • Significantly reduce the cost and complexity of adding or replacing substation devices.
  • Maintain secure access and control to the multitude of substation devices by leveraging your existing IT security policies.
  • Simplify your multi-vendor event file management to reduce your fault location time.
  • Poll 100,000+ points from 100+ devices with Intel Core i7 technology.


Utilities that trust and use SUBNET SubSTATION Server


  Duke Energy Edison International Entergy
Exelon First Energy PG&E PSE&G Southern Company


Download the SUBNET SubSTATION Server brochure Download the
SubSTATION Server Brochure


"SUBNET SubSTATION Server works as advertised. It gives our operators and planners
the data they need in the format they need it. It’s one less thing for us to worry about.”
- Christopher Sullivan, Brookfield Renewable Energy Group



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