SEL-3354 Compared to SEL-3530 RTAC

The Power of SEL-3354 with SUBNET SubSTATION Server

Realize the value of the SEL-3354 with SUBNET technology compared to the SEL-3530 RTAC without SUBNET software

There are many factors to consider in selecting a solution to manage substation data. These include choosing a hardware platform that will perform at the level you demand, and ensuring that the software meets your requirements. SUBNET's SubSTATION Server enables utilities to interface with many different devices, regardless of vendor. Furthermore, SUBNET software runs on a variety of hardware platforms giving utilities a lot of choice. Below is a comparison between the SEL-3354 running SubSTATION Server and the SEL-3530 running RTAC without SUBNET technology.

Comparison Highlights

  • Processing Power: The SEL-3354 computing platform running SubSTATION Server features a 1.6GHz AMD Athlon processor. The SEL-3530 RTAC is a 533MHz Power PC processor.
  • Scalability: The SEL-3354 is scalable up to 100,000 master points. The SEL-3530 RTAC only allows a maximum of 25,000 total tags.
  • Polling: SubSTATION Server running on the SEL-3354 can poll up to 255 devices while the SEL-3530 RTAC is limited to only 40 devices.
  • Maintenance: SubSTATION Server files on the SEL-3354 follow standard Windows format and can be saved, transferred, loaded and run in a matter of seconds. The SEL-3530 requires the configuration to be downloaded via USB or Ethernet connection and system reboot.
  • Data Processing: Data processing with the SEL-3354 is event-based. The SEL-3530 utilizes cycle-based processing.
  • Custom Images: SUBNET will work with you to define a custom Windows image for your company’s SEL-3354 installation.
  • Configuration: There are Configurator, Developer and Substation license types available for the SEL-3354 running SubSTATION Server. This means SubSTATION Server can be configured and tested directly on the SEL-3354 or remotely on any computer running SubSTATION Server.
  • Upgrading: SubSTATION Server enables you to upgrade hardware and software independently. The RTAC is only available on the SEL-3530 hardware platform.


Feature SEL-3354 SEL-3530
Integration Software Options
Leverages SUBNET Software X
Software Options SUBNET SubSTATION Server
Unified Grid Intelligence
SEL Embedded Linux
NO SUBNET software
Operating System Windows Embedded, XP Pro, Windows 7 Linux
Software Maintenance Included (no additional fee) Included (no additional fee)
Software Upgrade Option Limited (appliance)
Software License Portability Option X
Point Scalability Options to 100,000 Master Points 25,000 Total Tags
Device Scalability 255 Devices 40
Hardware Specifications
Central Processing Unit (CPU) 1.6 GHz AMD Athlon 533 MHz Power PC
Memory (RAM) 2 GB 512 MB
Drive Size 8 GB+ 2 GB (up to 8 GB)
Hardware Upgrade Option X
Ethernet Ports 3 3
Serial Ports 16 17
SEL Warranty 10 years 10 years
Master Protocol Capabilities
Modbus® RTU
SEL Fast Message, Interleaved ASCII
SEL Synchophasor
IEEE C37.118 X
IEC 60870-5-103 X
Harris 5000/6000 X
LG 8979 X
SES 92 X
Optimho X
Slave Protocol Capabilities
Modbus® RTU
IEC 60870-5-103 X
Recon 1.1 X
LG 8979 X
Harris 5000/6000 X
SES 92 X
CDC Type 2 Byte X
Conitel 2020 Byte X
Network Protocol Comparison
Modbus TCP
IEC 61850/UCA2 X
IEC 61850 X
IEEE C37.118 Client X
Configuration Ease Capabilities
Configuration Capabilities Site License/Configuration License/Developer License Site License Option
Configuration Interface Via LAN or directly via KB/Mon/Mouse or any Windows PC Via LAN or USB
Ease of Use Drag/Drop, Auto Config Wizards Tabular Data Entry
Configuration Changes Supports Online Edits without Download or Reboot Requirement Changes Require Download/Reboot
Portable Configurations Any Windows PC Only RTAC Hardware
Testing Any Windows PC Only RTAC Hardware
Advanced Software Capabilities
Data Processing Event-Based Cycle-Based
Redundancy Warm Standby X
Channel Redundancy DNP3 & 8979 X
Substation File Synchronization File Push Capability Uses Redundant Computers
Automated File Transfer X
Enterprise Integration Capabilities
Native PI Interface X
Native eDNA Interface X
OPC Client X
OPC Server X
Security Capabilities
User Management Local and Domain Local
User Lockout Policy Definable; Integrates with Corporate Policy Fixed
Password Management Local and Domain Local
Password Complexity Policy Definable; Integrates with Corporate Policy Fixed
Two-Factor Authentication X
Port Server Security Front-End Username/Password challenge, Encrypted link, Access control defined on a per-user/transparent/direct-transparent bases Username/Password, Encrypted Link
Log Access Syslog via Kiwi, System Center, Computer Management ODBC
Logic Capabilities
IEC 61131 Structured Text (ST)
IEC 61131 Continuous Function Chart (CFC)
IEC 61131 Sequential Function Chart (SFC) X
IEC 61131 Function Block Diagram Logic (FBD) X
IEC 61131 Ladder Diagram Logic (LD) X
IEC 61131 Instruction List Logic (IL) X
Simple Logic Calculator (Event Driven) X
HMI Capabilities
Full HMI Client X
Web HMI Interface
Additional HMI Hardware Requirements X Additional PC Required
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