Upgrade to SubSTATION Server 2
SubSTATION Server - Advanced data concentrator and protocol converter

Upgrade to SubSTATION Server 2

The industry leading substation data gateway just got better

Whether you’re considering integrating SUBNET SubSTATION Server or you’re already using it, this industry leading data gateway and protocol converter just got a lot better. SubSTATION Server 2 provides users with unmatched performance, reliability and security. Below are some of the features and benefits you can expect from SubSTATION Server 2.

New and Improved Features in SubSTATION Server 2

  • Redundancy: Increase system reliability with built-in System and Channel Redundancy.  System Redundancy enables multiple computing platforms to work together to protect against single unit failures or keep one unit active during maintenance.  Channel Redundancy provides multiple fail-over communication lines to and from SubSTATION Server 2. Increase reliability and performance by combining communication technologies including serial, Ethernet, wireless and more. 
  • IEC-61850 Client: Designing a new substation or retrofitting an old, adhering to internationally recognized standards is further enhanced with SubSTATION Server 2 IEC 61850 client implementation.  SubSTATION Server 2 includes an integrated MMS browser for a simple and intuitive configuration.
  • Synchrophasors: Perform better analysis and make better decisions. SubSTATION Server 2 provides access to SEL Synchrophasor data to make phase angle measurements over long distances and compare phase along with standard measurements.
  • Automated File Transfer: Securely transfer and encrypt files including event logs, configuration files and many more with an integrated solution thus eliminating the need for 3rd Party applications.
  • Support for SNMP: Troubleshoot problems more precisely and stay on top of all your substation devices including network and IT assets. Is your IED down or just your communication network? SubSTATION Server 2 will tell you.
  • Areva Optimho Support: Better communication with Optimho devices. SubSTATION Server 2 speaks to Optimho devices to retrieve SCADA data and event files.
  • Alarms: Perform better fault analysis with comprehensive data logs. Mitigate future disturbances by logging alarm sequence-of-event data for improved analysis after a fault.
  • Integrated HMI support: SUBNET's SubSTATION Explorer 2 HMI seamlessly integrates with SubSTATION Sever 2 to leverage its data concentration and logic capabilities.
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Feature SubSTATION Server 2
SubSTATION Server 1.x
Channel Redundancy X
System Redundancy
IEC 61850 Client X
Synchrophasor Measurement
Secure Automated File Transfer X
SNMP Manager
Alarm Annunciator
Individual Control Lockout X
Advance Licensing Module
Optimho Master
Alarm Module
Supports Analog Alarms X
Supports Digital Alarms X
Configure Multiple Alarm Styles X
Alarm Summary & Logging Functions X
System Redundancy
Supports Warm Redundancy X
Configure Secondary System with Primary System Files X
Supports Network Separation X
Protocol Communications Features
Supports Channel Redundancy (DNP3 & Telegyr 8979)
Supports IEC 61850 Protocol X
Supports SNMP Protocol X
Control Lockout for Individual Controls X
Supports Synchrophasors X
Large Library of SCADA Master & Slave Protocols
Over 40 Legacy Protocols Available
Local/Remote Control Lockout of SCADA Controls
Auto-Config SEL Protocol Communication
Supports flexible parsing of SEL ASCII
Supports flexible parsing of Generic ASCII
Supports flexible parsing of Binary Based Communications
Security Features
Supports Secure Automated File Transfer X
Integrated Microsoft Security
Single Sign On / Multifactor Authentication
SSL/TLS Encryption Capabilities
Secure Authentication and Encryption of IED Pass-Through Communication
Event File Collection
Automated Fault record collection
SEL-20XX Dial-up Emulation Support
Configuration Tool Features
Graphic Based Configuration
Drag-and-Drop Interface
Manage Large Points with Microsoft Excel
Customizable User Interface
Hardware Choices
Available on SEL Computing Platforms
Available on GE Computing Platforms
Available on Compton Greaves Hardware
Available on Transduction Hardware
Available on Windows® Based Hardware
Enterprise Integration Features
Native OSIosft PI Interface with Auto Point Creation
Native Instep eDNA Interface with Auto Point Creation
Supports OPC Client / Server Interfaces
Supports Advanced, Integrated HMI Capabilities
Logic Features
Powerful Logic Functions Through a Built-In Calculator
IEC 61131-3 Logic Engine
Calculation Engine that Supports Arithmetic, Trigonometric, Programmatic and Boolean Logic Functions
Integration Troubleshooting Features
Integrated Communication Diagnostic Tool
View Raw Communications Data
Time Sync Support
Supports SNTP/NTP Time Synchronization
Supports IRIG-B (un-modulated/modulated) Time Synchronization
Supports SCADA Protocols Time Synchronization


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