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SUBNET believes that when a utility embarks on an integration project, the solution should come from a company focused on providing true open integration, rather than integration solutions offered by one of the many vendors whose devices they are seeking to integrate. Vendor specific solutions typically integrate that vendor’s devices reasonably well, but provide limited interoperability to their competitor’s devices. In today’s Smart Grid environment, utilities need integration solutions that provide true multi-vendor, multi-function interoperability, not limitations. This need is a core driver of SUBNET’s SUBNET Unified Grid Intelligence Solution.

SUBNET’s Unified Grid Intelligence philosophy is a holistic approach providing interoperable solutions between many different field devices, to many different business systems, over many different types of communication networks. The goal of these solutions is to provide true multi-vendor, multi-function interoperability between any intelligent electronic device, to any utility business system, securely over any communication network. SUBNET’s solutions integrate with your company’s existing IEDs, IT networks and engineering productivity tools to deliver data efficiently and securely to your analysts, maintenance personnel and SCADA operators.

Today six solutions are supported within SUBNET’s Unified Grid Intelligence. These are denoted by the different colored lines in the Unified Grid Intelligence Graphic.

Unified Substation Communications

Standardize on SUBNET SubSTATION Server to address all your current and future substation information needs. Learn more about Substation Communications

Unified Visualization and Control

Implement SubSTATION Explorer to view and control all critical substation information locally in the substation. Learn more about Visualization and Control

Unified IED Access Control Security

Achieve Unified and Secure IED Access Control with My IEDs, and reduce your security risks quickly and centrally. Learn more about Access Control Security

Unified Fault File Management

Automate and speed up your event file system with Unified Event File Collection and Archiving on My Faults. Learn more about Unified Fault File Management

Unified Asset Monitoring Information

Use My Assets for Unified Substation Information Access for your Asset Management Systems.
Learn more about Asset Monitoring Information

Unified Data Historian Interfaces

SUBNET PowerSYSTEM Server brings Substation Information Access to your data historian.
Learn more about Data Historian Interfaces

NERC CIP Solutions

If you're looking for solutions to help you comply with NERC CIP regulations, look no further than SUBNET. SUBNET's suite of products will help you to build a more intelligent substation that comply with NERC CIP standards. Learn more about SUBNET's NERC CIP Solutions.

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