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Unified IED Access Control Security

An integrated system of IED access management and password management

For electric utility professionals who need to access and manage Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), SUBNET offers a software solution that provides simple, effortless, and secure remote access to field IEDs. This secure solution complies with both your internal IT and legislated cyber security policies, including NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements.

With our solution:

  • Now you can manage all access to IEDs both remotely and locally
  • Automate the password management process for IEDs
  • Quickly and easily connect remotely to field IEDs without having to navigate logins, reset forgotten passwords, or traverse dial-up procedures
  • Centrally control and manage all access to remote IEDs using existing IT policies and infrastructure
  • Easily prepare for security audits with out-of-the-box reporting
  • Comply with both internal IT and legislated cyber security policies, including NERC CIP


The Challenge

You need to remotely access and manage data from field IEDs to improve system operation, maintenance, and asset management, as well as to meet other corporate goals. However, you need to achieve this while enhancing security and fully complying with NERC CIP standards.

The Solution

SUBNET offers a solution that simultaneously meets both of these needs. The SUBNET IED Management Solution – PowerSYSTEM Center™ is a software solution that integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.

SUBNET's solution is done securely – keeping your cyber assets safe and helping you comply with corporate and legislated cyber security standards, including NERC CIP.

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PowerSYSTEM Center
Unified Management of Intelligent Grid Devices and Data

Secure Intelligent Remote IED Access

My Passwords
Centralized password management for IEDs

Remote Access to Field IEDs

SUBNET’s My IEDs™ software module helps you access and manage access to IEDs at substations, locally or remotely. You save travel time to and from substations, and you increase productivity.
Learn more about My IEDs.

Password Management

SUBNET’s My Passwords™ software module helps you manage the thousands of IED passwords at all of your substations. Automated password management enables you and utility personnel to focus on your job – better operation, maintenance, and management of your many assets – rather than spending your time trying to gain access to IEDs. Learn more about My Passwords.

What Makes Our Solution Different?

Unlike many other options, SUBNET’s IED Management Solution – PowerSYSTEM Center is a multi-vendor solution that works with IEDs regardless of vendor. Compared to the competition, we offer the following capabilities:

  • Centrally control and manage remote and local IED access, without requiring additional hardware in substations.
  • Centrally manage all passwords and password change policies and processes, whether automatically or manually administered and maintained.
  • Avoid special software installation on user computers; leverage your existing IT infrastructure; and benefit from support of various operating systems.
  • Access your substation devices via secure dial-up connections and Ethernet.
  • Take advantage of this multi-vendor, multi-function solution that works with your substation devices regardless of vendor.
  • Store all password information in a safe and secure encrypted database, preventing anyone from obtaining a password without the appropriate level of access.

How You Benefit

SUBNET’s IED Management Solution – PowerSYSTEM Center is designed to minimize the headaches typically associated with configuring and retrieving data from IEDs, while maintaining security.

  • Avoid travel time between facilities, reducing maintenance costs
  • Save time gaining access to devices, improving efficiency
  • Gain more time to improve operation, maintenance, and asset management
  • Reduce the risk of injury to personnel that may accompany on-site device adjustments
  • Reduce the risk of outages due to onsite work, improving reliability
  • Improve productivity by managing devices via centralized control
  • Enhance security and reduce the risk of NERC CIP noncompliance fines
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